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Challenger Lighting


Séura is an award-winning manufacturer of Lighted Vanity Mirrors, Television Mirrors, Waterproof Televisions and Outdoor Televisions. Their products bridge the gap between technology and decor. They are ever mindful of your design, your budget and your project’s success. What we love is rather than boast that they’re the best in the industry, they ensure that you’re viewed as the best in yours.

Wells Industries*

Wells' artisans individually handcraft and finish each frame. They work with ferrous metals, from iron and stainless, to non-ferrous metals like aluminum and brass, thus empowering you with countless design options. Whether you have your own designs or choose to modify one of theirs, Wells Industries is a Custom Builder for your creative ideas.

Made in U.S.A.

*Contact Beth for more specific details on regions covered.